Surf Soccer & DAC Summer plans

Posted: June 14, 2010 by donegaladventurecentre in Uncategorized

Hello from Donegal Adventure Centre & Home field Rock Hostel – this is our occasional bulletin with upcoming events, surf news, gossip and special offers which we hope will be of interest to you – if not, please send a remove instruction and I will not send anything further to you! It’s Niamh here at the end of this email, and I keep all the emails of people who contact us, sometimes it’s a once-off query, and sometimes it’s you regular people who come all the time, so the last thing we want to do is be one of those in-box irritations. This email has details about Surf Weekend specials, Sea Sessions, and Training Courses, and for families, special deals for August, the injustice of world cup football pools . and an appeal for vinyl records!

So- we have been so so happy this month because of the weather.some of us have tans (not me though, pink and freckled as usual) and there is always a mood-barometer here that is dependent on surfing – and the staff are jolly and happy despite a very busy school-tour season. So we have reasons to be cheerful. We hope it’s going to continue, as we know lots of people are banking on home-holidays this year.
We are very busy with student & teen surf camps from now until July 20th, but if you are considering a surf weekend, we have next weekend (June 18-20) , Sea Sessions weekend, and then we jump forward to July 23-25 and through August. We are still doing our brilliant ‘recession session’ deal – see website

Sea Sessions is just looking BRILLIANT – we are completely sold out for accommodation, I think the whole town is at this stage, but there is still room at the campsite. We do have some availability on surf lessons and high rope sessions, so if you’re in town that weekend, and fancy tempering the music & alcohol with some physical activity, give us a bell 07198 42418 to book. Also- and this if you know you’ll be here – La Sabbia Restaurant are taking bookings for meals all weekend – their number is (071)9842253 it’s  going to be a mental weekend, haven’t seen so much booked out in ten years! There are still some weekend tickets for sale, and they’ve just released some Sunday tickets, more info on the website 

Weekends away for the craic.can I recommend August weekends- we are doing specials for the August Bank Holiday weekend in our Rock Hostel, and we also will be offering recession-session deals every weekend through August. We also have kids’ camps all through the summer, from tots ages 4 upwards right to the elder teens, you can avail of the daily camp if you’re holidaying locally, or the residential camps for 12 years + if you just want to dispatch the kids for a few days. We also will have family specials in August, cheap and cheerful breaks where the whole gang can stay for a while, do some activities with or without parents, – just send us an email for options, and we’ll reply with our best suggestions and prices, that’s how we do it!

Training- I’ll mention this in case you are, or you live with anyone looking around for something to do Sept-December. We run an eleven-week training course in outdoor instructor skills. It’s full-time, you will need to come to Bundoran for the duration unless you live locally, and you will surf, swim, paddle, climb every day, as well as learn child protection skills, work with groups, learn leadership skills and more. We do this course twice a year, and typically hire about 50% of our staff each spring/summer from our graduates- and most of our other graduates are working locally with other surf schools. It’s ideal for anyone finishing Leaving Cert but unsure about College choices, people unemployed or looking for a career change, people planning travel abroad and wanting to bring skills with them that will get them enjoyable work overseas – surf instructor, beach lifeguard, camp counselor etc. Email me for further info or see the website 

Teachers, Schools, Clubs & Sports Teams – we are now booking TY groups for next year, we have great Boot Camps for football/Gaa/sports teams of all ages if you’re training, whether it’s a day out or a residential programme, we are planning lots of fun stuff from August through to December. We consistently are praised for our excellent staff, friendly but tightly disciplined work with kids and teens, great attitude with adult groups, and we do work hard at delivering what you want from your break. Email me for information. We also do short training courses for Beach Lifeguarding – we have one on here this weekend, and a second one beginning on Monday morning – we have a few places open for Monday if you are interested.

So-all good here at DAC, Collie tells me of new shortcuts to facebook  – and  and I know DAC is on twitter @dacsurfreport (but I’m trying not to get addicted to yet another social networking thingie..) our email again is and we are always here to help you with any queries you have about coming to Donegal, sorting out a holiday, stag party, sports club booking or just wondering about the surf conditions before you jump in the car! So stay with us here and keep in touch.

Vinyl records- we’re looking for old ones of no value whatsoever for our hostel.if you are travelling to Donegal and you have rubbish records in your attic, we’d love to have them for doing a funky kind of thing in our rock hostel bedrooms. Just on the off-chance.

Finally – we did a world cup pool here, and figured out that there was a direct relationship between those who drew the best teams, and those who know the least about football. Fiddy got Spain, Neil got Holland, Punk got Brazil, Eimear got Engerland, and poor old Connor got France. Football fans like Collie got Algeria, Paul got Japan, and I have fingers crossed that Ghana are going to surprise everyone! It cheered us all up that Ken got Uruguay, it always is good for the cheap Simpson’s reference.. I’ll leave it at that!

Have a great weekend wherever you go, chat to you soon,
Niamh Collie Eoin Siobhan Punk Trish Conor Ciara Neil Ken Kieran Eimear Darby Kyle Rachelle Fiddy  all at DAC.


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