Alumni August

Posted: January 27, 2012 by donegaladventurecentre in Uncategorized

Calling all those between the ages of 12-17 who’ve been to the DAC in the last year.

Alumni August Donegal Adventure Centre

Alumni August Donegal Adventure Centre

As promised before Christmas , we have a very special offer for all our Alumni this year. August has been set aside for our best ever offer for Teen Surf camps – so good that we aren’t putting it on our website.  You have contact us and say alumni august and tell us when you or your family member were here , with what school or organisation and we will send you are brilliant offer.  This is open to people who were here with schools, youth organisations , birthday parties or day trips as long as you or someone in your family were here. This offer runs from the Monday the 6th of August until Sunday the 26th and is hands down the coolest deal we’ve ever had. Full surf camp with other teens from all over the world. Food, activities, supervision , cinema, bowling, equipment etc all included.

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