Summer isn’t over yet but the back to school ads are on and we have to turn our minds already to our Autumn schedule.  Although we are open for schools all year long , indeed we have some of our fave schools such as Loretto on the Green and Dundalk grammar to name but 2 – but we also will have the start of our training programs.

The first of these is our Outdoor Instructor Training Course and starts on October 1st -This is particularly suitable for those who have just left school / university or are  taking gap years, those who are currently employed or have recently finished working or are otherwise inelligible for a FÁS course.

Here’s a brief (if a little formal outline of the course)
The Outdoor Instructor Course OITC is a training course for candidates who wish to become instructors working in the area of surfing and other beach activities.

The OITC course

The OITC course

This course concentrates mainly on training for the
ISA level 1 surf coach award, the RLSS Beach Lifeguard award, and over the ten weeks candidates will also train in child protection, adventure (land-based) activities, leadership skills, team training and development and beach first aid skills. Candidates are expected to attend Monday-Friday for the duration of the course.
Candidates must be able to swim. Candidates do NOT have to be able to surf, as you will be taught the skills of surfing if required. Surfing and swimming training are major parts of this course, and you can expect to be in the water every day. Students are expected to be (or get) fit through training every day. Training will include water-based (Swim & surf) and land based activities (running, circuit

Ken leads a group on an expedition

Ken leads a group on an expedition

training etc.)
Candidates will also do basic training in low ropes, climb & abseil and high ropes instruction . Candidates will also participate and learn to skills of conducting team-training activities and land-based activities. Candidates
will do child protection training, and Beach first aid. The fees for the course are 950 euro.

After a very succesful pilot year we hope to run a second year of our FÁS Surf instructor and Beach Lifeguard course.  We will know more about this in a few weeks when FÁS confirm their decisions and we will put a post up about it.

Feel free to contact us about any of these courses on 0719842418 or emailing



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