Donegal Adventure Centre is delighted to announce our  FÁS RLSS Beach lifeguard & ISA Surf Instructor course.

The course will run from October 15th for 18 weeks. To apply you must register through your local FÁS office – however feel free to call or email us for more information about the course.  Email us here for information about the 2012 course or call on 07198 42418.
If you are not elligible for FÁS courses you may be interested in our Outdoor Instructor Couses
The candidates upon complete all their training and pass their assesments they will recieve the following awards.

RLSS Beach Lifeguard which is an internationally recongnised award .
ISA Surf coach level 1
Cardiac First responder which is is the Irish National Standard in Automatic External Defibrillation
Aquatic First Aid -specialised first aid for lifeguards and others who work around the water.
ISPCC child protection course.
DAC Site Specic training awards in hirh ropes course and team building.

Candidates should note that strong swimming ability is a pre-requisite, and that a swim time-trial is part of the interview. The course is for people who would like to be trained to become surfing instructors and beach lifeguards, and work in outdoor adventure centres and surf schools when qualified.

The course will take place in Bundoran over 20 weeks, and will include intensive surfing practice and lifeguarding training.
Canidates will then be put forward for the governing body assessments in Surfing and Lifeguarding. Interviews will take place on November 8 & 9, and the course begins on Monday November 21st.

Accommodation is available on campus: for information on accommodation, please email Please contact your local Fas office for further information, and you may also contact Donegal Adventure Centre at

Class of 2011

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