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Make the ocean your university.

College & University are great but are certainly not for everyone. There are now huge opportunities for those who are interested in the outdoors to learn by doing rather than sitting in a classroom.

Donegal Adventure Centre is promoting training courses for those wishing to become qualified outdoor instructors this autumn.  There are 2 main courses, the first is a 10 week Outdoor Instructor Course (OITC). The second course is run by Donegal ETB who offer a 26 week fully funded Surf instructor & Lifeguard Training course for those who are eligible.

Surf instructor

Surf instructor

Both courses include RLSS lifeguard course and assessment,  surf coaching, first aid training and assessment, child protection training, outdoor leadership & management training, adventure activities training, safety and emergency assessments and group management. The course also includes work experience on-centre. The OITC course includes a kayak option as an extra.  The 26 week course also includes the Irish Surf Association exam and assessment.  While you must apply for the ETB course through your local welfare / ETB office , as the provider of the last three courses the Adventure Centre is happy to talk to applicants and families with questions about either course , eligibility and suitability.

One of course trainers is Bundoran native Richard Gillespie, who said he thinks the course is a great asset to the town. “Not only has it provided employment & opportunities for people here in the North West, it also showcases Bundoran as the world class outdoor venue that it has become.  As a local, I think it’s great that well as people from all over Ireland; we’ve had graduates from all over Ireland, America, Holland, Germany and Sweden.


Applicants must be 18 years old, and must be able to swim. There is no upper age limit, but applicants will need to be reasonably physically fit, and willing to train each day. There are no educational pre-requisites; applicants do not need CAO points. Accommodation is available on campus, and includes free wifi and parking. Absolute beginners are welcome but applicants should be enthusiastic about outdoor sports and physical fitness.

Train to be a lifeguard

Train to be a lifeguard

The graduates of the last two years of the Donegal Adventure Centre courses have  found work in the Outdoor industry, and as sports such as surfing, paddling and climbing increase in popularity, it is likely that further jobs will become available in these areas. In fact, the current manager of the Adventure Centre is a graduate of the first outdoor instructor course run in ‘05

Qualifications in outdoor sports are also excellent for young people planning to do some travelling – lifeguarding and surf coaching are popular world-wide, and graduates from the Donegal Adventure Centre course will be qualified to coach and lifeguard abroad. This course is also ideal for students who are not quite sure what they want to do – it is some healthy and beneficial ‘time out’, with the added bonus of valuable qualifications. The staff at Donegal Adventure Centre are well known for their friendly professionalism, and previous graduates have enjoyed the experience immensely.

Donegal Adventure Centre are now taking applications for the next course.
Interested applicants should telephone Donegal Adventure Centre at 0719842418, see the website or  email

Outdoor Instructor courses

Outdoor Instructor courses


Autumn Course now enrolling.

10 Week training course in surfing, water safety, climbing, leadership and child protection.Learn the skills of outdoor insruction at Donegal Adventure Centre. Improve your personal fitness ,gain work experience at Ireland’s premier outdoor centre,enhance your CV with qualifications in sports and child protection and enjoy training and working in a busy fun

Abbey Surfing in the Sun
Abbey Surfing in the Sun


Course description

The Outdoor Instructor Course OITC is a training course for candidates who wish to become instructors working in the area of surfing and other beach activities. This course concentrates mainly on training for the ISA level 1 surfcoach award, the RLSS Beach Lifeguard award, and over the ten weeks candidates will also train in child protection, adventure (land-based) activities, leadership skills, team training and development and beach first aid skills. Candidates are expected to attend Monday-Friday for the duration of the course.
Candidates must be able to swim. Candidates do NOT have to be able to surf, as you will be taught the skills of surfing if required. Surfing and swimming training are major parts of this course, and you can expect to be in the water every day. Students are expected to be (or get) fit through training every day. Training will include water-based (Swim & surf) and land based activities ( running, circuit training etc.)

Candidates will also do basic training in low ropes, climb & abseil and high ropes instruction . Candidates will also participate and learn to skills of conducting team-training activities and land-based activities. Candidates will do child protection training, and Beach first aid. The fees for the course are 950 euro.

All candidates will be put forward for the following qualifications:
1: The Irish Surf Association Level 1 Surf Coach award (200 euro for assessment & certification)
2: The RLSS Beach Lifeguard Award (350 euro for assessment & certification)
3: Chid Protection
4: DAC certification in Adventure Activities
5: DAC certification in Leadership Skills (Children & Teenagers)
6: DAC certification in Work Experience

You can also add on a canoe/kayak module which will take place each Friday of the course.

What do you need ?

You do need to be able to swim – there is swim coaching included in the course for those who would like to improve their swimming. You need a willingness to learn, a sense of humour and an interest in meeting new people and learning new things.


You don’t need any surfing or outdoor sports experience – if you have them, that’s a bonus but not necessary. As well as being trained and coached by our multi-qualified instructors, you will get a chance to interact with clients and learn leadership and management skills by shadowing and helping our staff with school, adult and special needs groups.

Candidates who complete the full course will be offered the following assessments & qualifications:

1: The Irish Surf Association Level 1 Surf Coach Award*

2: The RLSS Beach Lifeguard Award *

3: HSE Child Protection

4: DAC certification in Adventure Activities

5: DAC certification in Leadership Skills (Children & Teenagers)

6 DAC certification in Work Experience

*The following assessments are conducted by the national governing bodies, and an examination fee is payable. The awards are assessed independently, and DAC does not guarantee that students will pass these awards: that depends on student’s own performance during the assessments.

Download more information here

Download Application pack here.

To apply contact us here or call us on 07198 42418

Donegal Adventure Centre Outdoor instructor course
Donegal Adventure Centre Outdoor instructor course